PRODUCTION Development Stage


SUPERIOR Technology

In order to develop relentlessly, we use the advance textile production technolies in out process. Our production facilities allow the following fabric treatments :

  1. Digital printing using real photos, upon consultation and assistance with our experienced designer and tracers.
  2. Various handfeels and crepe effects on fabric, including soft touch, and on polyester using rotary washers.
  3. More accurate color mixing using dozing system.
  4. Carious fabric effects and texture using brain railing and tumblers.
  5. Brush and sueding.
  6. Stable, fast, and efficient width setting for knitting and woven fabrics, using stenters

To manufacture the highest quality products, we operate the top-of-the-range machinery in the industry. We have been operating the following machinery since their acquisition in 2018.

  1. Samjin Brand Open Width Boil Off Relaxer, Fine Brand Weft Straightener Machine, and Hosan Brand Reeling Stitch Machine, from GMAC, Korea
  2. High Pressure Rotary Washer, High Pressure Weight Reducing MAchine, and Super II Tenter Machine, from Ilsung Machinery, Korea
  3. Continuous Tumbler Mach 5, from Reggiani, Italy
  4. Digital Printing Renoir 180, from Reggiani, Italy
  5. Automatic Dosing System Patented Machine, from Color Service SRL, Italy
  6. Combined Brush Sueding & Emerizing Machine, from Xetma Veolleinweider, Germany


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