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THE COMPANY at a Glance

We were established upon a desire to foster sound relationships among indivisuals in a continuously growing business and eager to provide optimum satisfaction for both customer and supplier as well as all our employees. With the unity of spirit and vision, the management together with the employees mutually support excellent performance in PT Ind Pacific and continue to bring the Company along a path of sustainable growth.

Operating Production facilities that implement the latest technologies in the textile industry, we strive to deliver textile products sought after and highly valued by our customers.


Becoming the leading textile company in the industry through continuous innovation that able to compete in global market.


  1. Commited to provide the most excellent products to customers.
  2. Generating quality products along with modern technological developments.
  3. Carrying out relentless innovation in creating a variety of excellent and competitive products.
  4. Creating constantly growing and high-quality workforces.
  5. Committed to create efficient working system while performing continous improvement.


Interminable innovation to become the leading company in the textile industry with global standard.


Since 2013, we have been operating a 4,000 m3 waste water treatment facility in a specialized building. Supporting the environmental Preservation around the Plant area, we currently employ the bacterial waste Processing method.

Our contribution to environmental preservation has received recognition from the Regent of Bandung, in the form of an Environmental Care Certificate for PT Ind° Pacific. In addition, we are continuously complying with waste management standards issued by the environmental agencies and conduct regular air emission checks.

Our commitment to forge a more environmental friendly business is reinforced by our strategy to switch from LPG to CNG, a greener fuel, as well as by implementing the "Green Production" that ensures all waste water to be reused in our production processes.



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